Advanced Improv Studies at ColdTowne Theater

On March 20, 2018, I will start a nine-month improv training course at ColdTowne Theater in Austin. A weekly class of only eight experienced improvisers, the “Advanced Studies” course is taught by Michael Jastroch and Dave Buckman, two of the owners/directors of the theater and highly experienced players themselves.

I figured I’d resurrect this website in order to record my experiences in the Advanced Studies course.

First up: There’s homework before the first class. I filled out a little online survey about my improv experience. The teachers also sent us a book entitled Zen in the Art of Archery. Not sure I’ll be able to read it before the first class in three days.

The instructors also explained that we should keep a notebook throughout the nine months. (Hence, this online journal.) They way we have to do two new things every week and report them to the class. That part will be hard; I’m a creature of habit.

I’m looking forward to the class. I’m looking forward to seeing who my other seven classmates are. We will be together for nine straight months, after all. I’m a little nervous about returning to ColdTowne after a long absence because I worry that my improv style isn’t aligned with theirs. But that’s kind of the point of dropping $1,000 on an improv class: getting better at improv.

But I’m also doing it because I want to expand beyond the Hideout Theatre, where I’ve done most of my improv since I began seven years ago.

Maybe I’m an Improviser Without a Country. We’ll see.

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