Catching Up

I’ve been in Seattle for a week conducting a training course, so let me catch up on some stuff…

1. I was cast in The JTS Brown Experience, the show I auditioned for last week. Tonight was the first rehearsal, which I was obviously absent from. But they “conferenced me in” by phone just now. And I got to listen to a 40-minute talk by Ed Goodman, an improviser who helped originate this format back in Chicago almost 15 years ago. It wasn’t the most scintillating talk, and the audio was shaky, but I picked up a few things.

For starters, the JTS Brown wasn’t meant to be a “format.” It was designed to be a lack of format. And while the show has a few rules (or “wrinkles”), it’s mostly meant to be a freewheeling, live-in-the-moment approach. One of Ed’s tips was to meditate before the show, as a way of clearing the mind of all judgments and preconceived notions.

Needless to say, despite my initial trepidation about paying to be in a show, I’m stoked now. This should be very, very educational.

2. I’ve finally selected one of my two or three characters for the BBQ show. His name, for now, is Clarence Abernathy, an uptight college professor from New Hampshire who has a dark secret.

3. Last week, I finally got to do a Dexter improv show. As in the TV show “Dexter.” I got to pick the cast and everything. Mia, Chuy, Eric Heiberg, Carlos LaRotta, Justin Davis, and me. The show itself was just okay, but with no rehearsal time, it was better than could be expected. Carlos was a stand-out. That guy is the real deal. My Dexter was … not especially Dextery. But we had a fun, and the audience chuckled enough times to satisfy my never-ending lust for approval.

4. I’m not gonna get to see any Seattle improv. I am OK with this.

5. I need to sign up for new improv classes. And I think it has to be at Coldtowne. Soon, soon.

6. I’m missing the official Fandom cast party. As I type this they are playing laser tag. I am not OK with this, as I both rock at laser tag and miss that gang of misfits.

7. Found out my show Past Lives is opening the Improvised Play Festival on Aril 11th. I’m sure this doesn’t mean anything, us opening the festival. But I’m gonna imagine it does. We shall need to bring down the house, we shall.

8. I’m feeling like I need a new improv crush. I’m improv crush-less at the moment. Any recommendations?

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