Once per month, Ryan Austin (the most dapper man in Austin improv) hosts a show called Fancy Pants. The idea is: get a bunch of improvisers and have them dress in their fanciest clothes and then do a bunch of quick, funny scenes. It’s a fun, long-running show, and you should go see it.

Before each show, Michael Yew (one of several fantastic photographers in the scene) takes a quick shot of the cast, all in their snazziest duds.

I photobombed the fuck out of these snapshots. And here I present a Brief History of Fancy Pants Photobombs

fancy1We’re going backward in time, starting with the February 2013 edition of Fancy Pants. Minus me, this photo could just as easily be a wedding photo for one of those hippie-chic weddings out in the Hill Country. I’m an insane person.

fancy2This, of all the photobombs, might be my favorite. Because I really, genuinely, could be a demon ghost who can be seen only on human film.

fancy3I almost got out-photobombed by Alex Baia (the bald guy) in this one, but his was unintentional. MY STREAK REMAINS SUPREME!


Because a bunch of ancient improvisers snagged my prime spot in the middle, I was forced to … improvise. But damn, I kind of like the off-kilterness of this one. I’m “using the entire stage.”


My first photobombing. I was such a kid then. So innocent, so full of piss and vinegar. I was young, dumb, and full of ranch (dressing). I love you, younger Andrew. You crazy kid.

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  1. Kaci on April 26, 2013 at 1:05 am

    hahahaha hilarious

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