Fandom Wrap-up

I’ve noticed, after being in/watching seven editions of Fandom, that I actually grew to like some of the fictional worlds more and others even less.

Here’s my show-by-show round-up…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This was the only fandom I was an actual fanatic about. I’ve seen every episode twice. But this was the first show, and because of that, and because of it’s experimental format, the show was a tad bit clusterfucky. Definitely one of the weaker shows…

Lord of the Rings
I didn’t play in this show because I don’t care about it. I’ve seen the movies but that’s it. And let me say: I hate LOTR. Hate it. The story seems wholly unoriginal to me, and Tolkein was a linguist first and a storyteller fifth or sixth. The show itself wasn’t great, but I’m sure real fans enjoyed it.

One of the two best shows in the entire run. And again, I wasn’t in this one. This show really brought all of the experimental parts into a cohesive whole. And the improvisers were operating as a well-oiled machine. Mia and Aaron Saenz were standouts.

Hunger Games
A challenging show. The universe of the three HG books is new and fairly limited. We had fewer characters and scenarios to explore. This was one of my own best performances while also being one of the weaker episodes.

Classic Nintendo
I think this was one of the two best shows. For starters, it was original. After all, pretty much all the other episodes have been done before. And we were free to endow the characters and locations as we wished, because classic Nintendo games weren’t heavy on story. Total improv freedom. Plus, I make a lovely, if racially insensitive, Mario.

Star Wars
Another great performance, thanks in large part to Jordan Maxwell and Eric Heidburg. I was weak this show, doing mostly Chewbacca impressions all night. But it was interesting to see an older crowd for an older subject.

Harry Potter
I really tried to read the books!! But there were too many, and I got through only two!! But we had a couple of hardcore Pottermaniacs in the cast, and they kept us in line and exited. I used to openly hate on Harry Potter. But honestly, I’m a convert. Even though I know how the story goes, I’m going to finish the books eventually. The shows themselves were pretty damn solid, if a bit hectic at times. The best scene, hands down, was a serious, touching scene between Harry and his deceased father, inspired by a touching story by Halyn Erickson. Bravo.

All in all, I’ll give the whole run a solid A-minus. I’m glad I did it. I learned more here than any other individual improv experience. I’m a lucky guy.

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