How to Change Your Life (Or Mine)*

This blog—from the Greek blogus, meaning “world wide web-based log”—isn’t a bulletin board for me to promote my shows. (There’s a Performance Calendar above for that purpose.) But today I’m breaking my rule to ask for two small favors:

1. Vote for Mandinka!

Tonight—Wednesday, July 10, at 10 pm—my troupe, Mandinka, competes in the new round of the ColdTowne Cagematch. Please come to the show and please vote for us to advance to the next round. It’s a bracket-style competition that depends on audience votes. We’re competing against a damn fine troupe who’ll surely bring out their fanbase, so we need as many supporters there as possible. It’s a short-ish show, no more than an hour, and we’re premiering a new format: Mandinka’s Modern Myths. We will play Zeus and Hera narrating the mythological explanation behind a modern human experience. It’ll be funny and educational!

The show’s at 10 pm tonight, and it’s only $5. You might consider reserving your tickets ahead of time by clicking here. If we win, we’ll give each and every one of you a long, lingering hug in the parking lot.

Zeus and Hera  1

That’s me on the left.

2. Vote for Me to Sing!

Each summer, Austin’s premier musical improv show Girls Girls Girls! puts on a series of shows with a male guest star. This year they’ve opened one of the slots for nominations and voting. So I’m asking you to visit this site and vote for me, Andrew Buck. You can find my name on the left column, just a few names down. One click! No forms to fill out or anything! Please take 5 seconds to vote for yours truly and I’ll repay you by not posting a video of me singing.

* The title is, admittedly, misleading. Nobody’s life will be CHANGED with this post. But I am begging here, people!

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  1. Rachel Austin on July 11, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Done and Done.

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