Less Them, More Us

Enough with the audience interaction already!

I just got done with a run of a show called Fandom, which was designed to be heavy on audience participation. The nature of the show, fan fiction, seemed to demand it.

But it mostly just served to remind me: the audience should remain the audience. They should mostly just listen and watch. Sometimes they’ll be asked for a suggestion, and we hope they laugh and clap.

Otherwise, stay in your seats.

The Internet has created a culture where we are all participants. Our opinion not only matters, damnit, but we deserve it to be heard, seen, and commented upon. Only problem is, our opinion doesn’t matter. Not really. Especially not to the artist.

And so, let’s put on a good improv show, as professionals, and let’s not turn the show into some giant coffee klatch. This isn’t church; it’s theater. We are the performers; you are the audience.

Let’s try to keep it that way.

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