List of Locations for Improv Scenes

Food court at closing time
In a cherry picker working on a power line
Sweat shop break room
Underground militia bunker
Panic room
Dermatologist waiting room
At the edge of a volcano on the summer solstice
Double decker tour bus at the car wash
The backseat of a fancy classic car
Saturday school detention in the library with Judd Nelson
The Oval Office!
Private jet cockpit
Exclusive VIP art gallery opening
Popcorn museum
Stand up comic condominium
Singles bar on a cruise ship
Karaoke bar
Sushi bar
Oxygen bar
Dive bar
Diving board (high)
Diving board (low)
Front porch of a stately southern mansion
Zombie convention
Lactation room
The bathroom at the Oscars
The bathroom at the Pulitzer Prize dinner
The bathroom at a Pink Floyd concert
Bill Cosby’s sweater closet (but Bill is out of town or something)
MC Escher’s back yard
Two-person submarine
Two people making subs
Jigsaw puzzle national championships
Meth lab
Under the bleachers with Amanda
Amanda’s Trans-Am
Amanda’s softball game
Amanda’s driveway
Amanda’s stupid second floor bedroom (night)
A tree branch across the street
Amanda’s bedroom
Dave & Busters
International Space Station’s intercourse pod
Makeup trailer on the set of the next big Hollywood blockbuster
Above-ground pool
The only water park in the Middle East
Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day (!!!!)
The utility closet of a Best Western
DOW Chemicals processing facility (Michigan, I’m guessing)
Basement man cave
Stripper pole manufacturing plant
Any garden
Rollerblade park
Deodorant testing lab
Andy Rooney’s breakfast nook
Gun show coat check
The anteroom of a building that has anterooms
The little train at the zoo


  1. Matilda on January 27, 2015 at 1:51 am

    great list! hopefully I can use a few of these in my next drama lesson …

    • Jason Pelker on January 27, 2015 at 2:31 pm

      Hi, Matilda. Thanks for the comment. I hope the list is helpful. And please let me know how the scenes starting some of the more … outrageous … locations turn out. Best of luck!


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