Listen Like You’re on a Date

I went on two first dates in May. Suffice it to say, true love remains elusive, but I noticed something happening during both dates that I can attribute directly to improv: I listened.

Earth-shattering, right?

In fact, I listened so well, so actively, that we never got around to talking about me. Prior to improv, I would’ve held my own in these conversations. In fact, I probably would’ve overpowered them and been what this awesome blog calls a “conversational narcissist.”

Until improv forced me to reconsider the act of listening, I was more or less a boor, a Buttinski.

No longer! Now, I’m able instead to offer “support responses” to my dates. I ask plenty of questions because I’m genuinely interested in the answers. I want to “yes-and” my dates’ thoughts and opinions and feelings. Turns out, talking about ourselves is akin to having an orgasm.

The fact that these two most recent dates were suboptimal doesn’t matter much, because when the right first date takes place, I know I’ll be prepared to hear it.

(Also, you really should bookmark this blog, as it’s full of well sourced self-improvement tips.)


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