Mandinka Show #3

My troupe is called Mandinka.

It’s me and Mia Iseman, who’s also in Fandom. We were in a different troupe last year, the Seven Eight Sevens. When the cast sort of fell apart, Mia and I decided to work together. We initially thought to add new improvisers, and we even held “pseudo auditions” during the summer. And while we briefly discussed forming a four-person troupe called Gravy Boat, it ended up being just us two.

I love Mia. As an improviser she’s a firecracker, willing to do anything onstage. And she’s smart. I couldn’t ask for a better half of a duo.


Our third show was Thursday, January 31 at the Hideout. The 25-minute show was about an old bathroom attendant (me) and a young Hollywood ingenue (her). We had a few nice pop-outs that explored the bathroom attendant’s history and marriage. There were poop jokes and somehow the show ended on a discussion of my character’s overgrown foot.

It was a fun show, and there were plenty of laughs. Mia had another burst of playful energy. I managed to keep things positive and move the show along. Our characters were strong and had clear objectives.

The bad? Too many poop jokes. The challenge? To do a show in a bathroom without referencing using a bathroom.

But definitely one of our three best shows ever. (Wink.)

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