Mandinka Show #5

Tonight, Mandinka did its second show in as many days, as part of the Threefer at The Hideout. An audience of about 15 was a 200% increase over our Duo Cagematch show last night. But those fifteen people felt like 50, because (a) the Hideout theater is more intimate than Coldtowne, but mostly (b) the audience was more engaged and attentive.

And this was our best show yet.

We did a story about a French chef (me) trying to teach a young man (Mia) how to become a cook in order to impress the boy’s mother, whom the chef is dating. We did a couple of nice pop-outs to see the boy’s mother. The thrust of the show was the chef trying to get the boy to slaughter a baby pig.

My favorite moment among many excellent candidates was Mia’s final line. The whole show her character had been trying to avoid slaughtering the pig, but finally she gave in, and we sliced the pig’s throat together as she looked admiringly up at me, the French chef banging his mom, and called me, “Dad.”

Also, when I came onstage cradling an imaginary baby pig, the audience “Awwwwww”ed. They motherfucking awwwwwwed a mimed pig. Because he was so cute (and invisible). That was pretty fantastic.


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