OOB Interview: Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger

YesAndrew.com has a soft spot in its heart for improv duos. I think I can trace it back to when I was in the womb; the womb is the ultimate duo performance—total support. 

Here’s a duo troupe you should know and see when they perform at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (which kicks off tomorrow!). I mean, c’mon, just look at that photo! They just look funny. Like yesterday’s interviewees, Lilan and Wilder, RDATRD make their home in Los Angeles, where they have garnered some serious praise and plenty of admirers. Now they bring their brand of high-octane improv to Austin. Be sure to check them out Friday, August 30, at 10 pm at The Institution Theater. You can thank me later.

Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger

Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger and a dog.

Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger

Why did you decide to submit to Out of Bounds?
We met Squirrel Buddies (Roy Danger and Jon Bolden) at the Alaska State Improv Festival earlier this year. They were really nice guys and had a great rapport on stage. If those two are any indication of the type of people/performers that Austin has to offer, count us in.

What do you know about the Austin improv scene?
We’ve heard that Austin is the improv Mecca of the South. It’s time to make the pilgrimage.

What act/show are you most looking forward to seeing at OOB?
Probably the Parallelogramophonograph/Drum Machine block.

What workshops, if any, do you plan on taking while at OOB?
Oooof, we are doing such a quick turn around trip that I’m not sure if we’ll have time to sit in on a workshop. But if the travel gods decide that we will have the time then we’ll jump into what we can.

How would you describe your show to someone who’s never seen live improv/sketch?
Imagine that Abbott and Costello were influenced by cartoons and movies and decided to make up their show on the spot. That sounds amazing right?! We’d also like to see that show…oh man, what a show that would be…sorry, what was the question?

The intelligence of Futurama, the subtlety and connectedness of Arrested Development, and the occasional randomness of Family Guy, all made up on the spot by a Mexican and a white guy.


Danger is their first name!

How would you describe your show to your grandmother?
Grandma…Grandma, it’s me…no, not Peter…not Pet…ya know what, fine, it’s Peter. I’ll come back later I have a show to do….yes Peter is great.

If you were to accomplish one big goal in your OOB performance, what would it be?
Our goal is to free the Republic of Texas from the bonds of tyranny perpetrated by the northern Union.

That, or we always try to wrap up the show with a nice pretty bow and not leave anything unresolved. That will usually depending on the type of show we are having but we are always on the look out for a great wrap up to the story we are telling.

Why do you perform the format you do? Why not some other format?
We wanted our format to match our regular, day-to-day banter. Now we can immediately put all the crazy ideas that pop into our heads on their feet and see what would happen. Normally the day-to-day banter is just verbal jokes but when you perform the banter you actually get to stand up and perform these ideas that you normally just talk through!!

If you had to sum up your troupe’s “improv philosophy” in 20 words or less, what would it be?
We view ourselves as a comedy duo who happen to be improvising.

How do you know if you had a good show?
It’s a good show when the other person has almost made the other person laugh multiple times and we’re both covered in sweat from playing so hard.

When your OOB show is over, what will y’all do?
Eat BBQ, plain and simple.


What’s the funniest line, taken completely out of context, that’s been said during one of your troupe’s shows?
Pick one!!!!

-“Release the poison filled snakes!”
-“Poison FILLED snakes?!”

-“I have 32 cousins alone.”
-“They’re ALL alone?”

-“I’m gonna let those drinks get in you, then come right back…sorry, I’m sounding real rapey today.”

-“There are so many people out there to date, you just said a bus pulled up.”
-“Yeah, a school bus”

-“Don’t worry, they can’t even speak English”
-“That doesn’t mean they can’t tell when people are yelling.”

-“Good evening my fellow Sexmericans!”

Why should a complete stranger who’s reading this interview come see your show?
Here’s what others have said:

-“A two man powerhouse…They’re real funny, real talented, real unafraid. Check them out.” – ImprovObsession.com

-“This is a great team. Go see whatever they do.” – Drew DiFonzo Marks, Former Artistic Director of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater – LA


Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger can be seen Friday, August 30, at 10 pm at The Institution Theater. Get your tickets here.

And like RDATDR on Facebook.

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