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After a few interviewees from California, it’s pretty groovy to meet RuBin, a two-person troupe from the Big Apple. (“The Big Apple” is a common term for the city of New York City, which is in the state of New York.) RuBin is Ruby Marez and Binu Paulose, two seasoned comedic improvisers who have performed all over the country. YesAndrew.com can’t wait to see RuBin, because what could be more delightful than two fantastic players who have undeniable chemistry telling a single story that is both moving and hilarious? It’s just pure, unadulterated ‘prov. Go see this group. Saturday at 10 pm at The Institution Theater.


Binu Paulose, Ruby Marez


Why did you decide to submit to Out of Bounds?
We always heard from other friends about how amazing the Out of Bounds Festival is. Also we’ve always wanted to travel to Austin!

What do you know about the Austin improv scene?
I’ve heard about ColdTowne, the story behind it (which was unbelievable & amazing). Other than that, I’ve read about the New Movement, the Hideout and the Institution Theater (where we’re playing!).

What act/show are you most looking forward to seeing at OOB?
Drum Machine (Jill Bernard) always blows me away every time I see it. There’s a lot more to see I’m sure! We’re open to suggestions!

What workshops, if any, do you plan on taking while at OOB?
Jill Bernard’s “The Other Conflicts”. Her workshops are so much fun to take!

How would you describe your show to someone who’s never seen live improv/sketch
We take an audience suggestion of some kind of happening in a person’s life and play all sorts of characters within that event. There’s plenty of other stuff happening in that event too, even when it’s just the 2 of us onstage.

 Two people improvising based off an audience members suggestion of a recent experience such as a job layoff, or dental visit and from that creating the stakes, expectations, and characters who have wants within the scene. Sometimes we play it real, sometimes we play it absurd. Any option is an option.

How would you describe your show to your grandmother?
I’d get my mom to help translate to her, “Remember when we used to watch ‘Three’s Company’ and we laughed a lot at Jack Tripper (John Ritter’s character)? Even the final episode where Jack got serious? Well we play silly & serious onstage, just like Jack Tripper.”

If you were to accomplish one big goal in your OOB performance, what would it be?
Binu: Have a really fun show that the audience will enjoy.
Ruby: Eat BBQ while performing. Is that allowed?

[Yes. BBQ consumption during improv scenes is not only allowed but required. A BRISKET FOR EVERY BUTTON!]

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 1.29.31 PM

Why do you perform the format you do? Why not some other format?
There is no set form for every show but we actually create a form on the spot in each of our shows. Usually we start with our present day scene & then either do flashbacks or flashforwards off of that scene. Sometimes it’s just a monoscene with many characters. Like the audience, we’re just as surprised by what we do. 

We do it this way because it keeps us on our toes!

If you had to sum up your troupe’s “improv philosophy” in 20 words or less, what would it be?
Start simple and grounded. Listen. Build. The fun will happen – with dancing, tears & silence. Not all at once.

How do you know if you had a good show?
If after a show, I start recapping about any scenes with Ruby, I’ll remember it & just be blown away by it.

When your OOB show is over, what will y’all do?
Get some sleep. Eat more BBQ. Sleep off the BBQ.

What’s the funniest line, taken completely out of context, that’s been said during one of your troupe’s shows?
Binu: “Pie’s done.”
Ruby: “This cat is Pawtime & this one is Mache. He’s Pawtime because high-fives me with his paw.”

Why should a complete stranger who’s reading this interview come see your show
Please come see us because it would be super nice & amazing to watch 2 broke-ass NYC performers fly out here and have something awesome to share with you.
 We guarantee you won’t have seen any show like ours.


RuBin plays Saturday, August 31, at 10 pm at The Institution Theater. You can also like them on Facebook (and you should, like now).

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