The YesAndrew Year in Review


This is the year in which I am writing this post.

In a few days, this website will celebrate its two-year-anniversary. I launched it in January of 2013 in an attempt to document my improv experiences. Initially, I’d planned to review improv shows and troupes. What a dumb idea that was, and after the very first post of that kind, I felt icky and immediately changed course.

Instead, I use this website as Flannery O’Conner said in one of my all-time favorite quotations: “I write in order to figure out what I think.” It’s true. Whenever I write about “improv advice,” I’m really writing to myself. When I publish a Sunday Interview, I’m really doing it as an excuse to steal good ideas from my colleagues.

So here, in attempt to remind myself of why I’m doing this, is a list of some posts you may have missed from 2014:

• How to Promote Your Improv Thingy, Part 1 (January)
Simple nuts-and-bolts tips that are based on the marketing and psychology texts I can’t help but read.

Improv Games I Invented (March)
I’ve still never seen these improv games played live. Have you? Do they work? How did I get here?

The Famous Improv Game “I Am a Tree” as Played By Two Actual Trees (April)
This is a micro-play that will leave you breathless.

Some Laughs Are Lies: Breaking Character in Improv (April)
This is a good post I should read at least once per week.

Three Ways to Amplify Your Improv (May)
No-brainers that somehow manage to escape my brain regularly

On Likability Onstage (June)
A very short juicy quotation that might help clear something up

Miss Manners’ Guide to Improv (July)
Here’s an instance of me writing about a lark and it catching someone’s attention.

Three Thoughts on Improvised Chekhov (October)
The end of my ear was consumed by improvising Anton Chekhov plays. (Plus, I do way too many things in sets of “three”!)

The Hideout Theater’s 2015 Season Redux (October)
It’s like Christmas when the Austin improv theaters announce their upcoming seasons. Here’s my take on one of them, the gist of which is: Fantastic!

An Open Letter to the Guy Who Always Plays the Waiter (November)
This is not a joke. This is deadly serious.

Three Job-Interviewing Lessons from Improv (November)
I’m still on the job hunt, so maybe these tips need some updating!

The Austin Improv Community is Gorgeous Now (December)
The second-most-popular post from 2014 includes a beautiful piece of math come to life.

A Brief, Incomplete Case for Space Work (December)
This one is about space work. And a case for it. A brief case for it.


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