3 For All Show Thoughts

Just got home from Three For All and had some initial thoughts…


* They must’ve been tired, having just gotten off a plane hours before. But they brought it. The first half was a series of small scenes, and in the second half they told a longer story about a love trio in a hospital talent show.

* They all look older than I expected.

* I laughed a lot. Especially in the first half, the montage bit.

* They set the scene quickly. Within 20-30 seconds we know what’s going on—where we are, who we are with, what their relationship is. But that’s not the best part. The best part is how they quickly create a feeling. They concoct a unique mood for each scene with (seemingly) little effort.

* I wonder what their first three or four shows looked like, years ago. I also wonder if they all had fun tonight. Maybe I’ll ask them at the workshop this weekend.

* Speaking of the workshop … I’m nervous that I’ll be nervous, and therefore clunky and self-conscious. I’m concerned that my general fatigue (sleep!), my emotional mood, my admiration of their skills, the whole “classroom setting” thing, the early hours, the size of the class, and a wealth of other tiny, inescapable neuroses will impede my learning.

* So here’s my mantra for the weekend: SPONGE. Soak it up. Open yourself. Be in the moment. Smile and laugh a lot.

* When Rafe (sp?) tonight was playing a dainty new bride who was excited about showing off her naked body? That shit was funny.

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